12V Car Power Inverter Converter 60W Car Power Adapter 13-4B808 Black

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Power: 60 W
Model: XH104
Uses: Power conversion
Material: Electronic Components
 Input: 220V 50,60HZ
Output: 12V DC
Max apm 5A
Weight: 343g
Size: 11.5 5.7 3.5cm
Length: about 2.52 meters bus led 60W load power, the continued use of the time can not be more than 1 hour .
Now many electrical car cigarette lighter when more and more, with our products, you can make a lot of things on the car can also be used at home.
Dedicated car cigarette lighter socket adapter.
As long as this thing into the power strip at home,then the jack on the power converter can be inserted into all the larger car cigarette lighter power equipment,such as electric car aromatherapy car oxygen bar, car refrigerator, car car wash, car air pump, car amplifier,car TV, car cleaner, car with a razor and other 60W car power supplies.
For gift-giving occasions: advertising and promotion, business gifts, memorial awards, employee benefits, public relations planning

Note: Some car cleaner, air pump power close to or greater than 60W, and their starting current than other electrical appliances, may not work.

Package Included:
1 x 12V Car Power Inverter Converter