12V Car Seat Heater Thickening Heated Pad Cushion Winter Warmer Cover – Grey

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Package Included 1x Heated Car Seat Cushion with 12V Cigarett e lighter 2x Fixed clip Specification: Product name: 12V Car Seat Heater Thickening Heated Pad Cushion Winter Warmer Cover Material: Knitted composite fiber , non-slip mesh , heating wire fiber Size: 105 50cm,41.3 19.7inch Color: Black,Coffee,Gray optional Power: 30-45W Voltage: 12V DC Temperature: 30-60℃ Temperature control: high temp-45W, low temp-30W Do you feel cold when you are driving in winter? Driving with trembling is not safe and staying in cold condition for a long time will do harm to our health. Don't worry, this car heating cushion can help you. This car heating cushion features temperature control system for easy use. Feature -Heat quickly in 2 minute , adjustable temperature, 30 -65 Centigrade. -Soft fabric on the frontage with mesh cloth on the back. Anti-skid for comfortable seating. -Suitable for car seat, home and office chair, easy and convenient to use. -With lighter plug, it is compatible with all general standard car lighter socket. -It will automatically power off when the temperature reach to 65 degree celsius, absolutely safe. Notice: The heating cushion is strictly prohibited from folding and pressing. Do not approach high temperatures or sources of supply. ·Do not use the heating cushion in other cushions Do not prevent objects that block heat from getting above the heated cushion. It is recommended to unplug the plug when not in use. When the person is not in the car, it is recommended to unplug the plug. It is strictly forbidden to use 12V power supply to 24V power supply.

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