12x Motorcycle 5050LED Wireless Remote Multi Color Neon Glow Flashing Lights Strips Kit

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: Flexible RGB LED flashing light strip kit, brightly light up your motorcycle in multicolor. 4 Button metal key fob wireless remote controller. Very slim, easily hidden control box. These slim 1,4” strips bend and conform around corners on the body panels and chassis anywhere desired on the motorcycle. Power the light strips on and off using the included wireless remote unit from up to 100 feet away. The waterproof wires are put in to the PVC tubes sealed with pouring glue. Specification: Material: Waterproof PVC tubes Strips Wide: 1,4 Strip Length: 4 , 8 , 12 Wire Length: 50CM,19.7 LED Qty: 72 LEDs Voltage: 12V Power: 50W 4 Button Functions: A: Short press 1-15 times, 15 kind of static color ,16-17th times, 15 Color Jumping and Million color fading, long pressing to make the static color dimming. Under the jumping and Fading, long pressing B and C button to change the speed B: Short press to make the select color flashing C: Short press to make the select color fading D: On,Off, long pressing to reset Fitment: Universal for Motorcycles , Motorbikes , Boat etc. Package Included: 4 X 4 LED Strips 4 X 8 LED Strips 4 X 12 LED Strips 1 X Remote Control Set 2 X Blade Terminal 1 X Magis Sticker 12 X 6 Flexible Strips , , , , , , , , ,

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