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Description: Product category: rolled and used Applicable hair: wet and dry Thermal conductive material: environmental alloy Diameter of thermal conduction body: 21mm-30mm Temperature control adjustment: 10 paragraphs Best molding time: less than 1 minute Power: European rules, American rules and regulations (W)   Instructions: 1. Plug in the power supply 2. Press the light button, the LED light flashes, the heating part starts to heat up, 2-3 minutes after the lamp twist stops flashing, this time has reached the maximum temperature (170 degrees -180 degrees) 3. Press the secondary handle, hear the "da" sound, round tube rotation, began to use 4. If you do not want to use the current temperature, you can press the button, this time for the two LED lights, the temperature is medium. (140 degrees -150 degrees) in the click, this time for an LED light. Indicates the current minimum temperature, press and turn off the power. 5. In the course of the use, such as hair accidentally being curled, the power part of the automatic closure. To protect the safety of the user's life. 6. When the user suddenly left the process of use, forget to turn off the power, will automatically shut down in 35 minutes

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