360 degree rotation of magnetic charging cable


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Length: 1m [Product name]: spherical magnetic data cable [Product material]: Aluminum alloy, TPE, copper wire core, LED lamp [Product Features]: 360 degree rotation of strong magnetic force, blind magnetic suction automatic calibration and docking to charge, greatly reducing the damage to the mobile phone charging interface due to the number of insertions and withdrawals, magnetic line 1 time = traditional N times, the plug does not need to be pulled out, you can When the dust plug plays the role of protecting the mobile phone, one-handed operation of the mobile phone does not require the traditional one to hold the mobile phone in one hand and the data cable in one hand, but also needs to be aligned to the jack, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant mood and all kinds of occasions while driving. Operating experience. Double-head aluminum alloy shell, durable. The new spherical magnetic wire can also be equipped with 3 heads, 1 standard and 1 head, or free combination, can be equipped with 3 plugs, Android / Apple / TYPE-C

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