45-55? Electric Heated Vest USB Infrared Heating Jacket Winter Outdoor Thermal Clothing Waistcoat Warmer – L

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Description: 1. A button to heating,   a djustable three temperature levels. 2. Quick heating, energy saving, long service time. 3. Activates various functions of skin and promotes metabolism. 4. Help to warm the human body, consumes excess heat, increases blood oxygen and fluidity. 5. Provides deeper adjustment of physiological functions to avoid sub-health state and restore the vitality. 6. Improves body's microcirculation, activate the meridians, eliminate partial pain and inflammation. 7.  With CE EMC Certification.   >>>Please Click Here to Check the EMC Test Report<<<   Specification: Color: Black Material: Fleece, polyester, Graphene carbon fiber Temperature Level: Energy Saving: about 45?  Red Light Comfort: about 50?  Blue Light Warm: about 55? Red Light Gender: Unisex Heating Zone: Five As the picture shown

Instructions for use: 1. Vest features built-in USB port to connect the power bank. 2. Power on - press and hold the switch for 5 seconds. 3. Red light flashes - automatic heating , a fter red light flashes for 5 minutes,then automatic turn to blue  light,means medium temperature 4. Red light - high temperature 55?, working time 3 hours 5. Blue  light - medium temperature 50?, working time 4 hours 6. Green light - low temperature 45?, , working time 5 hours Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL 7 .Press the chest temperature control switch for two second,lights out and stop heating   Washing Instructions: 1.Take out removable charger. 2.Neutral detergent is available and then hand wash , also c an be washed in the washing machine. 3.Do not force knead or beat. 4.After nature air drying can be use.   Warm Tips: 1.If not used for a long time,please do not plug in removable charger 2.Do not use high temperature water or strong acid detergent. 3.Forbidden to use electricity for wet clothes,Please turn off the power and stop using if cloth is wet. 4.Use time depending on the capacity of removable charge.