750GPH Bathroom Water Pump Dc Automatic Submersible Pump For RV Bathroom – 12V

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Description: 1.Pump built-in switch, according to the level of water automatic control, no need for external floating switch 2.Multiple inlet connector sizes are easy to use 3.Clip type transparent screw cap 4.The screen filter is easy to disassemble and easy to clean 5.Built-in check valve to prevent backflow 6.Ignition protection function   Specification: The material Engineering plastics Performance Automatic Use Submersible pump Drive way The electromagnetic The medium Fresh water pump Pump shaft position Horizontal Impeller structure Semi-open impeller Impeller suction mode Single suction Maximum flow 750GHP Line length 1m Rated voltage 12V,24V Rated current 12V : 3A 24V : 1.6A Fuse current 12V : 5A 24V : 3A Outlet pipe diameter 19 mm   Package Included: 1 X  Submersible Pump