Bunning 37L Folded Retractable Trash Bin Bucket Washing Storage

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Bunning 37L Folded Retractable Trash Bin Bucket Washing Storage Discription: 1.Multifunction folding storage box with polypropylene modified plastics manufacturing. Steel products and toughness, can be counter-use of complex folding, not easy to damage. Ambient temperature range: -20 - , 90 ℃. 2.Multi-function folding storage box advantages one: light weight, no increase in fuel consumption, small footprint, saving space, the solution determine the interior space shortage problem. 3.Multi-function folding storage box two advantages: a bad place to solve the car difficult items with liquids problems. Storage box four weeks sealed watertight. Can be placed with the liquid basic, acidic, oil category,Products, such as seafood, ice, beverage, oil and so on. Cleaning is easy to clean after using. 4.Open storage box with folding method is simple and lightweight. 5.Product specifications: Maximum load 10 kg. Product Size: 50 34 11 cm with lid for the 12 percent M . 6.Note: foldable storage box should not be placed with a sharp metal objects assassination. So as not to scratch the cabinet, so that Cabinet damaged. Feature: Material: Plastic Color: Black Capacity: 37L Dimensions: 45 30CM Package Included: 1 X Storage , , , , , , , ,

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