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Photo camera with 1/4 screw toe switch adapter
Can solve the installation problem of camera lights, small DC digital cameras, LCD screens, etc. on small cameras

Product Name: Hot shoe ball head


Product weight: 0.055KG (PTZ + mobile phone clip)

Product specifications: high 55mm, standard 1/4 screw port, universal base hot shoe interface


Size: can be clipped range: 60-75mm

Uses: can be connected to fill light, flashlight, etc., photographic equipment, hot shoes can be connected to the camera, suitable for digital SLR cameras

1. The product is compact and easy to carry, the phone card width is freely adjustable, and the operation is convenient;
2. The upper and lower sides of the card slot are provided with high elastic cushions to prevent the machine from slipping. Protect your phone in all aspects.
3. Standard tripod interface, any standard tripod can be matched, the copper interface hole is 5mm deep, and the connection is stable.

[Scope of application]:

Applicable to mobile phones with a width of 5.5-8.5cm, GPS navigators or other electronic products can be used in size

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