Fast Wireless Charger Three-in-one Bracket


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Overview: 1. The wireless charging function requires the mobile phone itself to support wireless charging before it can be used, and the mobile phone that does not support the wireless charging function needs to be equipped with a wireless charging receiver. 2. The fast charging function requires the phone itself to support wireless fast charging. Specifications: Material: ABS+silicone Input parameters: 9 (V) Output parameters: 9 (V) Type: wireless charging Charging current: 1000 (mA) Battery type: None Indication function: with indication function Lighting method: Turn off the light in 20 seconds   Colour: Black [Apple iWatch/TWS], White【Apple iWatch/TWS】, Black B [Samsung Watch S5/Watch3], White B [Samsung Watch S5/Watch3], Black C [Samsung Watch S2/S3/S4], White C [Samsung Watch S2/S3/S4]   Package Content: 1 x Three-in-one Bracket

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