Game Accessories SW01 bluetooth 5.0+EDR Audio Wireless Transmitter with USB Type-C Connect Wireless Headphones Speakers 3.5mm Microphone

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Game Accessories SW01 bluetooth 5.0 and EDR Audio Wireless Transmitter with USB Type-C Connect Wireless Headphones Speakers 3.5mm Microphone
Specifications: TYPE-C Plug Model : SW01 bluetooth version: 5.0 and EDR bluetooth protocol:A2DP Frequency limit:2.402GHz-2.480GHz SNR:>90dB Operating voltage:5V Input : T ype-C , USB Operating distance:Up to 33ft,10m Dimensions: 37 26 8 mm L W H
Pairing Methods: 1 When the transmitter is connected to the game console, it will automatically power on. 2 Put the bluetooth headset close to the transmitter,preferably within 1 meter distance. 3 Turn on the bluetooth headset and set it to the pairing state, then plug the transmitter into the Switch or
Play Station 4 game console, enter  the pairing state blue indicator light flashes , and automatically pair with the bluetooth
headset. After the pairing is successful, the blue light will stay on. 4 When the transmitter is powered up again, it will automatically connect with the bluetooth headset that was successfully
connected for the last time. 5 If you double-click the pairing button of the transmitter, it will disconnect the bluetooth connection and re-enter the
pairing status blue light flashes . At  this time, double-click the pairing button again, the transmitter will automatically connect
to the previous bluetooth headset.
1 The transmitter does not support the microphone function, and the microphone function of earphones with microphones
will also be invalid. Microphone accessory must be plugged in when using the microphone function. 2 The transmitter can only support one-to-one connection. For safety, when plugged into the Switch game console,
it does not support  playing while charging. 3 The transmitter adapts 2.4g radio signal transmission, please do not use it near high-power electrical appliances
such as Induction Cooker and  Microwave Oven , so as not to affect the normal use of this product. 4 If you want to use the transmitter on the Play Station 4 game console, you need to connect the transmitter with
Type-C to USB OTG Adapter or  Cable first, plug it into Play Station 4 game console via USB port, and then pair it with bluetooth headset. 5 When connecting bluetooth headset with transmitter, please turn off the bluetooth function of other devices and
ensure that bluetooth headset is in pairing state.
Package Included: 1x bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter
1x USB 1x 3.5mm Microphone
1x Manual