Indian Wire Micro-Chapter Diy Metal Material Spring Copper Wire


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Round wire (bright light):
Used for internal details of jewelry
Round wire (matte):
Used for internal details of jewelry
Hard wire:Used for the outline of the edge of the jewelry
Fang wire:Used to improve the local or overall brightness of the jewelry
Category: Glossy Silk
Diameter: 1.0mm
Length: about 55cm/g,
A: MD-01 (1 pack of 10g)
B: 1.0 bright silk, MD-04 (1 pack of 10g)
C: 1.0 bright silk, MD-05 (1 pack of 10g)
D: 1.0 bright silk, MD-06 (1 pack of 10g)
E: 1.0 bright silk, MD-07 (1 pack of 10g)
F: 1.0 bright silk, MD-08 (1 pack of 10g)
G: 1.0 bright silk, MD-09 (1 pack of 10g)
H: 1.0 bright silk, MD-10 (1 pack of 10g)
I: 1.0 bright silk, MD-11 (1 pack of 10g)
J: 1.0 bright silk, MD-12 (1 pack of 10g)
K: 1.0 bright silk, MD-13 (1 pack of 10g)
L: 1.0 bright silk, MD-14 (1 pack of 10g)

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