K5/K6 Rotable Car Interior Atmosphere Star Light Roof Ceiling Decoration Light 5V USB Red Laser Projection Lamp with Remote – With Remote

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1. PVC shell, carefully crafted matte texture, refuse to fuselage heat. 2. Compact and convenient, can adjust the irradiation direction. Aluminum bracket, can adjust the irradiation in 90 . 3. Non-destructive installation, bottom glue fixed, no need to punch holes. Adhesive is directly used for fixing and disassembling. 4. USB plug, suitable for all models. Cable length is 1.5 meters , universal for computer, mobile phone charging head, charging treasure,
car lighter, etc. 5. Highlighting light, low power consumption and high brightness. Built-in high-brightness diode light source,
low power consumption and high brightness.

Product model: K5,K6
K5: Without Remote the red star light is always on, only one lighting mode
K6: With Remote the red star light has several lighting modes Color temperature: Red light Laser power: 100mW Working temperature: -20 ? -70 ? Working voltage: 5V Adhesive temperature: -40 ? -120 ? Adjustable angle: ± 90 Waterproof rating: IPX4 Applicable models: common to all models Installation position: rear position of armrest box Line connection: USB socket is enough
Remote battery: Not included Service life: 10000 hours Packing box size: 14.5 10 4cm

Installation Position recommended armrest box :
  Suitable position: behind the armrest box, can also be fixed in the upper position

Package Included:

1 X Star Light 1 X Accessories show as the picture