Men Women Electric Heated Trousers Heater Warm Winter USB Powered Leisure Pants – XL

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: 1. Electric winter trousers, connect to the power bank USB port to heat the trouser and keep warm. 2. Adjustable temperature, low,middle,high for adjustment. 3. Washable, you can wash and clean the coat after unplugging. 4. Looks exquisite, unisex, soft, warm and comfortable. 5. Silicone waterproof button. 6. No power bank inside, it heats under power bank USB or battery connecting, so please keep charging while wearing. Specification Name: Electric Trousers Material: Cotton , Decron Color: Black Size: L,XL,XXL,3XL,4XL Adjustable Temperature: Yes Washable: Yes How To Use: 1. Take out USB plug. 2. Plug in removable power bank NOT INCLUDED . 3. Turn on the removable power bank NOT INCLUDED . 4. Press the chest temperature control switch for 5 second. 5. The light flashing, means heating. 6. Manual adjustment. 7. Press the chest temperature control switch, lights out and stop heating, unplug the power source. Washing Instruction: 1. Take out removable power bank NOT INCLUDED . 2. Neutral detergent is available and then hand wash. 3. Do not force knead or beat. 4. After nature air drying can be use. Note: 1. Please allow a little error due to manual measurement. 2. Please measure and cheack the size to make sure the item will fit you before paying. 3. If your size falls in between sizes, we suggest you choose the larger one for more coverage. 4. Trousers ONLY. . . Power bank is not included. 5. Only heats under power bank connecting. Package Included: 1 X Electric Heated Trousers

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