Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier Audio Support


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1. Your personal theater: With high-definition optical technology, the image on the screen of the mobile phone is enlarged, the image is clear, the color is bright, the effect is strong, and the radiation protection function is provided. Zoom in to the screen of your smartphone

It's easier to watch movie videos or news on your phone.

2. Sturdy and easy to adjust: the material is strong, flexible and easy to twist. The gooseneck is equipped with a high quality magnesium alloy for greater stability and flexibility. All angles of rotation allow you to enjoy any angle and completely lose yourself

Hands so you can lie comfortably on your bed or sofa.

3. The best holiday gift choice: it will be the best holiday gift for your friends and family. Gifts for friends or family who like to watch movies and watch 3D movies with more stereo effects; also suitable for seniors watching movies, reading and news.

4. Safe and environmentally friendly: High-definition technology can be used to amplify optical technology, so there is no blur, distortion and radiation. Acrylic lens material, the material used in this product is environmentally friendly and tasteless.

5. Portable Home Theater: The foldable design can be easily placed in a wallet, school bag or outdoor pocket. A portable miniature cinema for families or outdoor gatherings for indoors, camping, travel, entertainment and more.

6, high-definition acrylic lens screen amplifier: zoom the phone screen 3 times to avoid visual fatigue. The perfect view is in the middle of the screen and you should choose the best way to watch the movie.

7. Mobile phone screen amplifier with speakers: Amplifier with diaphragm subwoofer speaker, you can enjoy impressive high-definition stereo sound whether you are watching TV or listening to music.

Light weight: large size, convenient for transportation. You can use this phone projector anywhere.

Notes and comments:

Due to the effects of the screen and light, the actual color may differ slightly from the picture.

Allow small deviations due to manual measurements.

Product specifications:

Size: 12-inch screen.

Materials: Aerospace materials, aluminum alloy + ABS + ultra-clear acrylic lenses.

Size: 25.5x19.5x3.5 cm

Audio cable: 3.5 audio cable

Applicable mobile phone: mobile phone within 7.6 inches

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