Natural bamboo scalp massage comb


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Description: Made from natural bamboo. High quality round needle nylon comb teeth are strong enough, not easy to break, no harm to hair, no static electricity. The rubber pad has strong flexibility, which is both environmentally friendly and tasteless. The entire comb is well polished, and the sturdy materials and exquisite workmanship contribute to its outstanding quality. Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Features: 1. The comb is made of natural bamboo. 2. Round needle nylon comb teeth, no harm to hair, no static electricity. 3. The seat cushion is made of natural environment-friendly rubber to ensure durability. 4. The whole comb is polished and polished, with firm material and exquisite workmanship. 5. Compact and lightweight design, easy to carry. Product Type: Comb

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