Pet bark stopper


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Material :ABS
Applicable objects
1, the digital tube displays vibration, electric shock and sensitivity gear bark stopper
2, 7-position shock shock sensitivity adjustment
3. When the vibration gear is 0, the product can only emit a sound shock. When the shock gear is zero, the product can only vibrate. When the vibration and shock gear are not 0, the product will first sound and then vibrate. Reshock
5. Range of dog belt circumference: 18.84-59.66cm (7.4-23.5in)
6. Single product size: 65*33*34mm (12.5X1.3X1.3n)
7. Battery capacity: 280mah
8. It takes 1 hour to fully charge the product at one time, and the battery life is 14 days. When charging, the digital tube can display the power and 7 is full.

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