Phone Lens Fisheye 0.67x Wide Angle Zoom Lens Camera Kit


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1.A Fisheye 180 Degree Lens has a large Angle and is as unreal as a fish's eye
2.A Wide Angle 0.67X Lens phone can increase the shooting range by 50%. A Macro Lens 10 time captures small objects that the naked eye can't see clearly.
3.The macro lens and wide-angle lens are combined together, and the 0.67 wide Angle lens can be unscrewed to use the macro function.

Related parameters:Clip size: 5.3*1.5*2.2cm
Color box size: 15.1*9.2*2.7cm, including hook length
Product color: black/silver/red/ gold/blue
A microfiber lens bag for cleaning and storage

Package Content
1*Phone Camera Kit
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