Six in one beauty instrument


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Product Features

1. Ultrasonic vibration: high-frequency tremor, penetration of the muscle bottom, nutrient introduction, let the skin relax, stimulate skin activity, soften the skin, strong ultrasonic power, large energy, high-frequency vibration can make the skin cells re-excited with vibration Has stopped or weak physiological activities.
2. 7 kinds of colorful skin rejuvenation: its wavelength, acting on the bottom layer of skin, has different effects.
3. EMS: acting on tendons, can effectively relieve various muscle pain diseases, unclogging tendons, use micro-current massage, electric current stimulates muscles to exercise, long-term use can achieve the effect of slimming; in addition, it can be created in a short time The gap between cells and cells, so that nutrients can be directly transported to the surface layer of skin and dermis.
Product parameters

Input: AC100-240V

Output: 15V, 500mA

Ultrasonic frequency: 1MHz

Product size: 182mm * 80mm * 88mm

Additional information

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