Tablet doodle mobile phone case


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Model: Tablet phone case
Protective cover material: plasticTablet phone case: Now paint the life you want~
Product features: LCD tablet, folding bracket, appearance & practical, both soft and hard, oleophobic and hydrophobic, non-stick fingerprint, easy to disassemble, environmentally friendly and tasteless
The combination of art and technology: not just a mobile phone case, but also a palm-sized writing board

Real machine mold, fine workmanship:
√ does not affect the insertion and removal of data holes
√ does not affect the sound quality of the external expansion
√ does not affect photo photography
√ does not affect signal navigation

Non-slip comfortable feel, folding bracket, free hands
Stereo button
All-inclusive protection, anti-drop and earthquake resistance
0.5mm above the screen to protect the phone screen

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