Tire Inflator Air Pump Compressor Electric Portable 12V 150PSI w/ LED Light – 1

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: Tire Inflator Pump Car Heavy Duty Air Compressor Electric Portable Auto 12V 150PSI Specification: Product Name: Portable Tire Inflator Pump Material: ABS Metal Color: Black and Yellow Size: 15cm x 8cm x 18cm LxWxH Inflatable Tube Length: 60cm Power Cord Length: 2.8M Type: Digital Display , Pointer Display Voltage: 12V Current: 10A Power Type: Lighter Power: 120W Inflation Time: 3-5mins Air Volume: 40L , Min Pressure: 2000P Air Pressure Flow: 25L , Min Block Specifications: 22 Cylinders Quantity: 1 Set Application: Inflating car tires, bicycles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, basketballs, sports balls and other inflatable equipment. Features: Stable, air flow up to 25L , min, durable, fast heat dissipation, extending the life of the movement, safe, after many safety tests Intelligent data display for easy monitoring at night. Digital display style only needs preset tire pressure, and it will stop automatically when full. There is a storage inflatable tube design on the back. The top is equipped with LED lights for easy operation even at night. Tire pressure monitoring, press the inflation nozzle on the tire valve, the current tire pressure value of the tire can be displayed with one press, when the tire pressure value of the car is too high, press the valve to half to deflate Push-button fast charging, no need to tediously screw, can be inflated with one click. Equipped with 3 different inflatable mouths, it can inflate motorcycles, bicycles, rubber boats, balloons, basketballs and more. 2.8M long charging cable, simple and easy to operate. NOTE: The digital display style can preset the tire pressure and stop automatically when full air is filled, but when the pointer is inflated, the tire needs to be manually closed when it reaches the appropriate tire pressure. Package Included: 1 X Tire Inflator Pump 1 X Manual 3 X Inflatable Mouth

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