Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger


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Overview strong magnetic, blind magnetic automatic calibration docking for charging, greatly reducing the damage caused by the number of plugging and unplugging the mobile phone charging interface, magnetic line 1 time = traditional N times, the plug does not need to be pulled down, can be used as a dust plug Protect the role of the phone, One-handed operation of the mobile phone does not require a traditional one-handed mobile phone. The data cable needs to be aligned with the jack so that you can enjoy the pleasant mood and operation experience on various occasions such as driving a journey and playing games! Durable and durable with a double-headed aluminum housing. New magnetic cable, can also be equipped with 3 heads, standard 1 and 1 head, can also be freely combined, can be equipped with 3 plugs, respectively, Android / Apple / TYPE-C Specification Product Name: L type (elbow one shell) magnetic data line Applicable devices: Android / iOS / TYPE-C Product material: aluminum alloy, TPE, copper core, LED light Product color: black, red, gold, silver Product length: 1 meter and 2 meters Copper wire: 50*0.08*2C, pure copper Package Content 1 x Magnetic Cable   Note: This data cable does not support data transmission. The default is no box.

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