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This is a smart device that turns your smartphone into a Head-Up display for your car. It displays all the information you need while you stay focused on the road ahead.

It's simple to use, just put your smartphone on the stand with the screen up and you're ready to go. It allows you to use any display app on any low visibility smartphone or on a clear day. Just use the navigation apps on your smartphone to get directions to where you are going!

Our advanced display projects information into distnace so the road stays in focus. The fully transparent and fully colored image is extremely sharp and visible in direct sunlight and automatically darkens at night, reducing dangerous distractions by displaying important information such as car speed and navigation instructions directly in the driver's line of sight.  

Visible and clear visuals: The clear glass design does not affect the driver's vision. The flat-screen projection of navigation information eliminates the need to look down, making it much safer.
Compatible with all smartphones, makes the driver more convenient and comfortable.
Constructed of hard tempered glass, which prevents scractching.
360 degree rotation with adjustable angle. The holder includes a strong, suction cup magnet, making it extremely durable.  

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