Mobile Phone 3D Screen Amplifier Lazy Bracket


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1. 12-inch mobile phone screen magnifying glass: the golden frame display in the ultra-clear acrylic blue lens, a mobile phone can also bring a wide-screen video experience, effectively away from radiation and relieve visual fatigue.
2. Adjustable mobile phone bracket: 360-degree rotating elastic adjustable bracket, suitable for mobile phones, effectively fixed mobile phones, suitable for most mobile phones.
3. Using high-definition zoom optical technology, no battery, so no radiation, ABS + 3D screen, the material used in this product is environmentally friendly, with less odor.
4. Flexible folding bracket: easy to store and change the angle of use.
5. Simple and stylish design makes this product the best holiday gift for your friends or relatives.

Type: Adjustable mobile phone holder, mobile phone screen amplifier display
Size: about 12 inches
Material: display (acrylic), bracket housing (ABS)
Applicable scene: ordinary living room, office, bedroom, etc.
Age group: regular
Colour: Black
Style: suction cup / bus / long bracket

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1x stents

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